Ways You Can Help Your Children Avoid Tooth Decay

From the time their first teeth come in, children require a complete oral care routine to keep their teeth healthy and strong. Whether they still have their baby teeth or their permanent teeth have come in, diligent and thorough brushing, healthy eating, and visits with their dentist are key to oral health and the prevention of cavities and decay.

At Pediatric Dental Care, the children's dentistry office of Dr. John Han and Dr. Fernanda Fontes in Fairfax, Springfield, or Chantilly, VA, we can help you put your child on the path for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

How can I help my child avoid tooth decay?

Oral hygiene

As soon as your child has teeth, you should begin brushing them twice a day. Parents should assist their toddlers with proper brushing and oversee younger children to make sure they are using proper techniques. Your child should use fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled brush, making sure to reach the back teeth. Flossing is also necessary to loosen any particles stuck between the teeth that could lead to bacteria growth. Inquire with our children's dentistry office in Fairfax, VA, if you feel your child could benefit from a fluoride rinse.

Healthy eating

Diet plays a role in dental health, with sugary foods increasing the risk of dental decay. Soda, fruit juice, and other beverages with added or natural sugars should be kept to a minimum or avoided entirely. Make sure your child eats a balanced diet with produce, whole grains, protein, and healthy fats. Processed foods should be limited, as they are often high in sugars.

Regular dentist visits

Your child should have regular professional cleanings and exams to make sure their teeth are healthy. These appointments give your child's dentist a chance to look for cavities, damage, or any other dental issues that require treatment or intervention and offer tips on brushing or oral care.

Set your child up for oral health success with the help of the children's dentistry offices of Dr. Han and Dr. Fontes in Fairfax, Springfield, or Chantilly, VA. Reach us today at (703)-383-3434. You can also reach us at (703)-992-7100, or (703)-957-3190.

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